Mainly Grown In:
The central-northern Spanish region of Rueda. Also in small amounts in the USA.

Key Facts:
Verdejo is the pride and joy of Rueda, in the northern part of Spain. Here it achieves it's ultimate expression - nutty, rich and aromatic. It's a real chameleon of a grape, having some characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc (grassy, high acidity), but also some richer, rounder tones. Look out for complex flavours of bay leaf, almond and lemon. Whilst the acidity can be bright and tangy, there's always plenty of depth to the wines, meaning they have a really lovely texture - soft and even creamy sometimes. A really lovely expression that deserves more attention!

Fun Fact:
Verdejo grapes actually originated in North Africa and were brought to Spain around 1100AD.

The ever-reliable Verdejo grape strikes again guys. This wine is a lovely pale straw colour, with notes of pear, lemon and citrus with a touch of pear drop and banana. In the mouth the wine is super clean, with a lovely chalkiness and a zesty lime finish.

Hi Tech Verdejo (Organic) 2020