Produced from Ukrainian grape variety – Sukholymanskyi bilyi. This grape variety was crossed in the 2nd part of the XX century in Ukraine. A Ukrainian flag on the front label shows that this wine is made from solely a Ukrainian grape variety.


Grape Variety: Sukholymanskyi white is a Ukrainian grape variety, which was bred by crossing Chardonnay and Plavay in the middle of the XX century in the NSC "Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking"


The age of the vine: 15 and 18 years


Aromas and Flavours: The nose is rich, fruity, with tones of white plum, banana, pear and flowers, light notes of hazelnut. On the palate harmonious, with tones of lime, lychee and nutmeg, with notes of quince and light acidity in the aftertaste.


Food Pairing: Wine is perfectly combined with light salads and soft cheeses


Serving temperature: from +10 to +12°С

KOLONIST Sukholymanske 2020