Valencia in south-eastern Spain.

Mainly Grown In:
Across Spain and also the Rhone Valley and Provence in France.

Key Facts:
Mourvèdre (when in France), aka Mataro (when in Australia), aka Monastrell (when in Spain), is a well-travelled grape! Best known in the warmer parts of eastern and central Spain, it also makes brilliant examples in southern France. Some of the oldest vines are actually in South Australia however, where it makes a chocolatey, fruit-forward wine. Mourvèdre makes full-bodied wines, often high in alcohol and tannin. Savoury and sometimes gamey, the wines are earthy and dark red fruited, with plenty of character.

Fun Fact:
The true home for Mourvèdre is Spain, where more than 61,000 hectares of vines are planted. After Spain, France is next country with the largest amount of planted Mourvèdre vines.

With a label like this, it's hard to not like this wine before you have even poured yourself a glass. Jam packed with blueberry jammy fruit, this wine shows a lovely savoury, black olive edge. The palate is fresh, with a ripe set of tannins and sweet fruit.

Moda Foca